Who is Elizabeth Diane and why should you work with her?

Elizabeth Mack

One of my very first jobs was in the medical records department of a hospital. I then took a u-turn into the personal beauty service industry, where I worked for a Fortune 1000 company as a manager and professional development instructor. Eventually I went on to open my own sole proprietor business, gaining experience not only in running a business, but in marketing and PR. 

My love of education led me back to college, where I taught writing at the university level for several years, eventually developing and designing my own courses. I also designed and facilitated several professional development workshops for instructors and staff at a local community college. 

Working in the fields of health, business and education led me to those niches, and I can bring my knowledge and experience of each to the table as a freelance writer.

In addition to freelance writing, I offer writing workshops and coaching for writers, and you can learn more about that here

I make my home outside of Omaha, Nebraska on a 2 acre hobby farm where I keep chickens – or they keep me. Most recently, my passion for nature and gardening has led me to the Master Gardener program through my local county extension. You can view my articles on chickens, gardening, and many other topics on my portfolio page.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn about me and my freelance writing services, and I look forward to helping you unleash the power of the written word!


“Elizabeth is the social media guru for the MCC Writing Center. She created Writing Center Underground, a public blog on which she writes weekly posts regarding all aspects of writing designed for use by students and faculty. She also opened and single-handedly maintains the Metropolitan Community College Writing Center Facebook page. Elizabeth’s perfect blend of initiative, creativity, and professionalism is the key to her success as a freelance writer.”

Katie Hupp

Writing Center Coordinator
Metropolitan Community College

“Elizabeth served as the Administrative Assistant and Communications Coordinator for our growing Nonfiction Writing Program, and her work for us was absolutely brilliant. The promotional materials she put together were well-written, visually engaging, and elevated our professional profile within the university, the community and beyond. Her writing and creative talents made a huge, positive difference for our program!”

John Price
Creative Nonfiction Program Director
University of Nebraska at Omaha