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B2B and B2C Content

Passion Project
Walk Like a Buddha: The ancient practice of mindfulness moves into the office

Singing a Happy Tune: Jingling all the Way






A Day in the Forest





Health & Wellness

First for Women: Hormone Treatment




SEO Health & Wellness Content Writing

The Science of Root Canals
How Oral Health Impacts Your General Health
Antibiotic Prophylaxis
Sleep and Your Skin
How Stress Affects Your Skin
Are You at Risk for Oral Cancer?
Could Teeth Grinding be causing your Jaw Pain
Reducing Dental Anxiety
Wisdom Teeth – Keep them or pull them?


Sublime Beauty: The American White Pelican
Pigeons: The Most Misunderstood Bird
Waters at Risk from Asian Carp

Goldenrod Cure-all
It’s Not Just a Boy’s Club Anymore
Wood Ducks
Busy Beavers
Tick Season

Higher Education

Job Outlook for MBAs
How to Prepare for Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet
Why is Big Data Big Business?
What is Continuous School Improvement?
What is Organizational Behavior?
8 Steps to Overcome Perfectionism and Write the !$#@ Paper
The 4 Online Databases You Need to Survive College-Level Research
Punctuation Can Save a Life
Say it with Style
Mindfulness in the Writing Center

Farm & Garden

Cappers Farmer

The Old Fashioned Windmill

Things to Consider Before Raising Backyard Chickens 6-17
Starting Seeds in Eggshells
Gardening Myths-Fact or Fiction 9-2017
The Wild West: Keeping the American Legend Alive
Windmills: Iconic Symbol of the Great Plains

Book Reviews
What the River Carries
Under a Midlands Sky
Interior Places

Personal Essays

Mating Dance ~ ISLEOxford Journal






Isthmus Cvr       Wheel of Fortune ~ Ithmus Review

Memorial Day
~ Eclectica Magazine