Thanks for checking out my portfolio. My work falls into four main categories – business, health/wellness, higher education, and nature/environment – and appears in a mix of consumer, trade and custom publications and web. You’ll also find personal essays at the bottom of the page. 

Here are some of my favorite clips:


Passion Project
Walk Like a Buddha: The ancient practice of mindfulness moves into the office

Singing a Happy Tune: Jingling all the Way


Health & Wellness

First for Women: Hormone Treatment

Other Web Content:

Sleep and Your Skin
How Stress Affects Your Skin
Are you at Risk for Oral Cancer?
Could Teeth Grinding be Causing your Jaw Pain?
Reducing Dental Anxiety
Wisdom Teeth – Keep them or pull them?


Nature and Environment

Sublime Beauty: The American White Pelican
Pigeons: The Most Misunderstood Bird
Waters at Risk from Asian Carp

Goldenrod Cure-all
It’s Not Just a Boy’s Club Anymore
Wood Ducks
Busy Beavers
Tick Season


Job Outlook for MBAs
How to Prepare for Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet
Why is Big Data Big Business?
Why LSU for a Master’s in Educational Leadership?
What is Continuous School Improvement?
What is Involved in a School Improvement Plan?

8 Steps to Overcome Perfectionism and Write the !$#@ Paper
The 4 Online Databases You Need to Survive College-Level Research
Punctuation Can Save a Life
Say it with Style
Mindfulness in the Writing Center

Other Topics

Walk Like a Buddha
Mindful Writing Tips
Unlocking Creativity

Farm & Garden
Things to Consider Before Raising Backyard Chickens 6-17
Starting Seeds in Eggshells
Gardening Myths-Fact or Fiction 9-2017

The Wild West: Keeping the American Legend Alive
Windmills: Iconic Symbol of the Great Plains

General Interest
Go Fly a Kite

Book Reviews
What the River Carries
Under a Midlands Sky
Interior Places

Press Releases
Metro Community College

Personal Essays

Wheel of Fortune ~ Ithmus Review

Memorial Day
~ Eclectica Magazine    


Mating Dance ~ ISLEOxford Journal