As 2017 unfolds, you might have to rethink your content strategy. While strong written content has always helped rank websites higher in Google search results, the shifting sands are away from keyword-focused content toward what every professional writer has been dreaming of – strong writing.

Gone are the days of inserting keywords in every sentence of a 250-word blog post to boost search rankings. Now, longer form, comprehensive, relevant content is king. An in-depth, long-form article – 1000-2000 words plus with reader-friendly language, will always rank higher in Google than short keyword-plastered irrelevant posts.

What does this mean for businesses? Long-form content takes time to write well. If you’ve been getting by throwing together keyword-heavy posts in the past, it might be time to farm out your online content to a pro. If cost is a factor, consider posting long articles less often. Save your time to do what you do best – run your business.